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Bohunice launches new English part of the website. Following site will contain up to date information about our teams, their standings and schedules of our next matches. TJ Tatan Bohunice is Moravian football club, which was established on July 20, 1929. Currently, first team of Bohunice is now participating in South Moravian Region league, which is fifth highest league in the Czech Republic.

First Team

Bohunice - START Brno          Wed      3.10.       16:00

Bohunice - Kuřim                               3:2 (1:2)   


Bohunice/STL - Kobeřice        Sun       7.10.       14:00

Šlapanice - Bohunice/STL                 1:4 (0:4)

U17 / U15

St:   Bohunice - Rájec               Sat        6.10.      10:00 

MlA: Bohunice - Rájec               Sat        6.10.       11:45

MlB: Bohunice - Svratka "C"      Sat        6.10.      14:00


first home win against Ivančice...

On Saturday, our First team had its first match against its rival from Brno, FC Sparta Brno. Dramatic match, which had to entertain till the last minute, was full of interesting chances on both sides. We had a good entrance to the match and we even took the lead in 7th minute, after the home team committed a foul on Schneider and Král scored a goal from penalty kick. Unfortunately, we relieved pressure on home team, who took advantage on that and during 2 minutes they overturned the match by 2 goals from Loprais. At the beginning of the second half, Sparta was already in two-goal lead, by goal of Lihotský. Our team showed its character, when they didn't give up and within the remaining time drew the match. Second goal was scored by Petřík after amazing pass from Baghdasaryan. In four minutes, Sparta's lead was gone, because Král scored his second goal in the match after Schneider's corner kick. Next Saturday at 10:30 , we will face another rival from Brno, TJ START Brno, who was recently promoted to our league, but already belongs to the front runners.

First Team Standings


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